Monday, May 30, 2005

FAQ 19: How do I save the Flash files on my computer?

This will only work for Flash files. Currently archived lectures in CHEM242 are in Real format and cannot be downloaded. If you really want to download these gigantic files (200 Meg/hour) as avi let me know.

1) right click on the streaming screencast link and save target on your desktop
2) on the desktop, create a folder with the same name as the html file but replace ".html" with "_media/" (for example: "" would give you a folder name "CHEM241_s05-038examreview2_media"
3) copy and paste the name of your new folder in IE - you should see 3 files
4) right click on each of the 3 files and save into your new folder
5) you should now be able to view the Flash lecture by clicking on the html file

Note that some of the Flash files can be large (50Meg) so generally streaming is best. But if the combination of the podcast and pdf is not working for you this will.


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