Thursday, March 24, 2005

FAQ 2: When are tests and exams?

Quizzes for each chapter are available from anywhere at any time. Each scheduled test and exam displays the start and end times in WebCT. If the start time is in the past it just has not been scheduled yet. A few weeks before the test or exam the schedule will be specified. You are responsible for knowing the Korman hours ( and scheduled classes (posted on the doors) in the assigned rooms. The last day is a NO EXCUSE day. If you experience a problem taking the test before the last testing day, contact the instructor by email to make arrangements. On the last day it is TOO LATE to fix problems, no matter the cause. We will go over the test the following day, when the answers will be discussed. If you failed to take the test before the last day and had a problem you will get zero. Your only option would be to take the automatic make-up.


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